Inter-State Council – Notes GK

Inter State Council
Inter-State Council is a constitutional body created for Inquiring and advising of a dispute that has arisen between the States. It also discuss and investigates the common interests of states or UTs.

State Legislature of India – Notes GK

state legislature of india notes gk
State Legislature of India has three pats, Governors/Lieutenant Governors of India, State Legislative Councils, and State Legislative Assemblies.State legislature is a bicameral system, however many states have only unicameral system.

Governor of State – Notes GK

Governor of India gk notes pdf
Governors are the constitutional head of each of the states of India. They are appointed by the President on the advice of Prime minister of India. In the state level, the Governor has the similar power as the President in the country level.

Parliament of India – Notes GK [PDF]

Parliament of India notes gk pdf
The Parliament of India is the foremost legislative frame that consists of the President, loks abha and rajya sabha. The supreme power is theoretically vested to hand of President. All Government functions in India are controlled through the Parliament.

Prime Minister of India – Notes [GK PDF]

prime minister of india gk notes pdf
The Prime Minister of India is referred as the executive leader of the government of India. He is also senior-most member of cabinet. Prime Minister has the real power of the cabinet as well as central government of India.